1.  Navigate to https://app.timeclock-sync.io/create
  2. Choose your preferred login method / provvider and follow the corresponding instructions below.

Remember which provider you create your account with, you will only be able to login using this account. In the event you lose access to your account you will need to contact support@scavatec.com.

Google, Facebook


When authenticating with Google or Facebook we will collect your email to identify and verify your account. This email will default to the initial means of contact. Your account email address can be changed once logged in.


Email / Password

  1. Enter your email and choose a password for your account
  2. Optionally choose a login id, this defaults to your email address but is not required to be an email.

We will send an email requiring you to activate your account. You will be able to login but unable to subscribe until your email address is verified. This is done to ensure we have a valid means of contact and as a way for you to recover your account.