Adding a Device


Devices are linked to your online web account using 6 digit registration codes. These codes are one time use and generated when adding a new device through our website.


  1. Login to your account at
  2. Navigate to the Devices page and click the new button.
  3. Fill out the form, and enable any extra features you would like the device to have enabled
  4. Click save, you will be presented with a 6 character registration code to enter on your device. See the mobile registration page for further instructions.


New device


Device Fields


  • Name - unique name to identify this device by
  • ID - numeric id that may be set to any value
  • Note - optional field to track any notes about this device

Learn more about each feature on the Features page


Changing a Device


The features enabled for a device can be turned on or off at anytime. Changes to the features will automatically be synced to the device.


  1. Navigate to the de Devices page and click the edit button on the row of the device you wish to edit.
  2. Make any changes to the devices settings and click save