Employees can select a job at clock in or out that will be associated with their shift. Reports totals will be provided per job as well as tracked on employee hours.




Allows employees to leave a note at clock in or out. Notes can later be viewed on the reports page.




Employees can optionally record tips at clock out.


Self Serve Reports


Allows employees to review and export (via email) their hours while clocking in or out.


Require Pin Entry


If enabled and an employee has a pin set, they will be required to enter it before clocking in or out.


Change Pin


Allows employees to chane their own pin at clock in or out.


Employee & Job Editing


Allows employees and jobs to be created from the admin tab of the application.


To add new jobs the jobs feature must also be enabled




Adds the Reports tab to the mobile application, allowing reports to be viewed and exported. The reports tab require the admin password if set.


Report Editing


Allows editing of times from the reports tab.