Enable Reports


If you have not already done so, you will want to enable report editing for your device from the Devices page of the website. See the devices page for more information. 

Enable Report Editing

Optionally enable report editing to allow changes to be made from your device.


Adding Time


  1. Tap the Add Time button in the header of the reports page to create a new interval for an employee.
  2. Modify the form's fields to set the specifics of the time being added.
  3. Tap Save when ready to save the changes Report add time


Edit or Delete Existing Intervals

Delete an Interval

  1. Tap on the red trash can icon to remove an interval.
  2. A dialog will popup to confirm the removal.

Edit an Existing Interval

  1. Tap on the blue edit icon to open the interval edit dialog.
  2. Make any changes to the interval.
  3. Tap Save in the header to finalize the changes Report edit/delete internal


Interval Dialog


Report interval edit dialog