Understanding Jobs

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Jobs are an organizational tool that allow an employee to associate a time entry to a particular task.  You can then run a detailed report breakdown by Job that includes daily totals, intervals (shifts) and time entries that have been allocated to that Job. This section will help you understand how to use Jobs  within the Toolr Time Clock system.

In practice, Jobs are often used to associate work performed by an employee to a client, a jobsite, or a project. The ability to run detailed report breakdowns by Job provides a clean way of using Toolr Time Clock for tracking time against a particular job or task and provides an easy way to track billable time.

When the "Allow Jobs selection" device setting is enabled, the job selector will present on the clock in and out screens, allowing the employee to assign their time to a particular job. 

The organization must have at least one Job defined in order for the selector to be available during clock in or out.

Managing Jobs

Managing Jobs is easy and can be done on either the web app or on a device with the "Account Management" setting enabled. To learn more about how to manage Jobs within Toolr Time Clock, we have prepared the following guides

Job Properties

A Job in the Toolr Time Clock app can have the following properties:

Name - The name of the Job. This presents on all reports where the Job was associated with a time entry.

ID - Numerical identifier of the Job. This presents on the detailed Job reports.

Note - This is an internal note for organization admins to provide additional context for the Job. Currently this note does not show up on any reports.

Active/Inactive Status - Toggle to set a Job as active or inactive. 

Inactive Jobs will not be available to select by an employee when clocking in or out, however historical time entries will maintain their relationship to inactive jobs. 

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